Deciding which option is right for you will vary with your comfort level in handling live cocoons that come with tight shedules and can't be held in a refrigerator. Whichever you choose, we are here to help you. 


Drop Ship with Bee Certificates - High reward. Minimal effort.

At checkout, your customer trades a laminated hang tag for a Crown Bees Bee Certificate. The certificate is in a securely sealed envelope and contains the certificate number and instructions on how to redeem it. Now we take the reins.

Your customer's bees are shipped FedEx 2-Day on the Monday they specify. Should there be any issues with the bees, we take full responsibility, and will promptly resend or issue a refund for the bees. 

Each bee certificate (SKU 210105), redeemable for a 200-ct. package of Leafcutter bee cocoons wholesales for $24.00. At an MSRP of $34.95, you realize a profit of $10.95—impressive considering minimal shelf space, no refrigeration, and no worries about customer service. Certificates do not expire, and you can use leftover certificates next season. If we should decide to end the program, we will buy back your unused certificates at the rate you were charged at the time of purchase. The hang tag is complimentary and you can order them here




Packaged Live Cocoons

Not sure how many to order? Start small. Order five tubes and see how they sell. Be sure to let your customers know you have Leafcutters available, as they may not be aware you are carrying them. We find that our Leafcutters sell at about the same rate as our Mason bee cocoons. We recommend using the hang tags, as described above, and keeping the packages of cocoons stored at the front desk or cash register. 

Advance notice and communication are keys to successfully managing this scenario. Please give us at least two weeks' notice to ensure we have the cocoons you need when you need them. For example, if we ship cocoons after two weeks of incubation, you have about a seven- to ten-day period to get the cocoons into customers' hands, before they start hatching. Even if they do hatch, they will be okay in their packages for about a week. Instruct customers to release them as soon as they get home and wait for ten to 15 days for their bees to emerge before contacting Crown Bees.  

 Taking advance orders builds excitement. You can make an event of "Leafcutter Pick Up Day". Serve refreshments or offer a Build-A-Bee-House session for kids and parents. It's a great opportunity to educate your customers on solitary bee raising.  People buy when they are having fun! There are always going to be those few who fail to show up for the pickup, so a no-show, no-refund policy is a good idea. 

The wholesale price is $15.00 plus shipping, and the SKU# is 210109. Shipping charges are calculated at the time of shipment. The hang tag is complimentary (SKU 210113). 

 Hang Tag for Leafcutter Bee Live Cocoons 



 Loose Live Cocoons - Bulk Order

Some of our customers purchase in bulk and package them under their brand. This is quite literally a box of loose cocoons. We can discuss your plans to determine the most optimal incubation period for your purposes. This option wholesales for $0.08 per bee, plus shipping. Use SKU 310103, select the total number of loose cocoons you want, and specify in the notes section when you need to receive them. These orders are best placed by email at as they require advance notice and clear communication.