Leafcutter Bee Certificates

 High Reward. Minimal Effort

At checkout, your customer trades a laminated hang tag for a Crown Bees Bee Certificate. The certificate is in a securely sealed envelope and contains the certificate number and instructions on how to redeem it. Now we take the reins.

Your customer places their order using an easy online form. We ship their cocoons via FedEx 2-Day on the Monday they specify. Should there be any issues with the bees, we take full responsibility, and will promptly resend or issue a refund for the bees. 

Each bee certificate (SKU 210105), redeemable for a 200Ct. package of Leafcutter bee cocoons, wholesales for $24.00. At an MSRP of $34.95, you realize a profit of $10.95—impressive considering minimal shelf space, no refrigeration, and no worries about customer service. Certificates do not expire, and you can use leftover certificates next season.

If we should decide to end the program, we will buy back your unused certificates at the rate you were charged at the time of purchase. The hang tag is complimentary and you can order them here. You only need two to three for your display, as they should be returned two the display after used. 

hang-tag-certificate-and-envelope-layout-for-web-page.jpg as they require advance notice and clear communication.