Leafcutter Bee Video Library


Hi! We know that video is one of the best ways for visual learners to absorb information, which is why we've created a series of videos to help you become a successful bee raiser!

Here you'll find our most popular videos about leafcutter bees! If you don't find what you're looking for or want to view our entire video collection, make sure you visit our Crown Bees YouTube Channel!

How to Raise Leafcutter Bees - 1 Hour Webinar

Watch Dave Hunter, owner of Crown Bees, give an informative and interactive webinar on everything you need to know to raise leafcutter bees right in your backyard. He talks about the role of leafcutter bees in pollination, their life cycle and habits, best practices, ecological benefits, and more!

The ABC's of Raising Solitary, Cavity-Nesting Mason and Leafcutter Bees ~ 4 min. 

Solitary bees like mason and leafcutter bees are the perfect pollinators for backyard gardens, farms, and orchards because they are gentle, easy to raise, and fun to watch. Not to mention, they are super cross-pollinators that can double or even triple your yields!.

Which Summer and Fall Flowers and Garden Veggies Do Leafcutter Bees Pollinate ~ 1 min.

Leafcutter bees are the super pollinators of your summer and fall blooming flowers, fruits, and vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, squash, melons, and peas! 

How to Transition from Bamboo to Healthy Nesting Materials ~ 4 min.

Learn how to move your leafcutter bees from houses made with drilled blocks of wood and bamboo tubes to a better bee house. Fill your new bee house with natural reeds, paper tubes, or reusable wood trays. Note, this video highlights mason bees, but the process is the same for leafcutter bees.

How To Upgrade Your Bee House For Summer and Fall Leafcutter Bees ~ 4 min.

Did you know you can reuse your spring mason bee house to raise summer leafcutter bees? Just remove the mason bee nesting materials and replace with leafcutter bee nesting materials..

Leafcutter Bees Flying in Slow Motion, Carrying Pollen and Leaves ~ 2 min.

Leafcutter bees are adorable. Watch them carry home rolled up leaves to swaddle their baby eggs! Summer is the perfect time of year to watch these solitary bees at work! Female leafcutter bees gather pollen and nectar and carry leaf bits home to secure their eggs inside leafy cocoons.

How to Harvest Leafcutter Bee Cocoons ~ 2 min.

There are many good reasons to harvest the leafcutter bee cocoons you raised last summer. You will reduce pests, take inventory of your leafcutter bee cocoons, clean your nesting trays, and control the development of your bees.