Bee Season from March through August? Yes!



Climate Change Deals From the Bottom of the Deck 

Mother Nature is not playing fair these days: Not that it's her fault. You do your best to plan, but winter either hangs on by her fingernails or summer shoves her out of the way. These shifts in weather may mean rethinking your approach to spring pollination—especially if your business is in the South or Southeastern United States. 

Mason bees require three things: mud, pollen- and-nectar-producing plants and daytime temperatures {between 55℉ (13℃) and 75℉ (24℃). Having all three things at the same time is like waiting for the stars to align. Early arriving heat means there may be no plants to support Mason bees, and by the time plants are ready to pollinate, the Mason-bee lifecycle has already completed. 

Cue the Leafcutters

Carrying Leafcutter Bee Certificates in your store opens the opportunity to cater to bee enthusiasts deep into August, which means more bee house, nesting materials and accessories sales.

Leafcutter bees thrive in daytime temperatures between 75℉ (24℃) and 110℉ (43℃), and can even tolerate a short spate of 115℉, and Their pollination abilities are just as admirable as are Mason bees'. They don't require mud as they seal their nests with precisely cut bits of leaveshence the name.

They arrive ready for immediate release, and require no refrigeration. In fact, refrigerating them for more than 30 minutes would lead to their rather abrupt demise. This is why we offer Leafcutter Bee Certificates for the retail environment. Just place a hang tag in your display, and retire the fridge until next spring. 

Your customers take the tag to the front desk and trade it for an envelope that contains a one-time-use code. They complete an online bee certificate order form, and the bees fly out of our shop when directed. It's almost magic. 

From this point, you are relieved of all responsibility. We send your customers' cocoons FedEx 2-Day on the dates they request. If there are any issues with the bees, they simply hit the chat button on our website,  let us know, and we take excellent care of themprotecting both your reputation and ours. Now. That is magic!

Help your customers realize highly productive summer and fall harvests. They will thank you!