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With the introduction of better and faster technology, people are now using their devices more than ever. One of the leading trends in the marketing industry is the QR code.

Scanning QR codes quickly and easily provides more information about the product or service directly to the user’s mobile phone or tablet. 

Below are some ways Crown Bees utilizes QR codes to help you reach, engage, and convert visitors to your store into loyal customers. 


Solitary bees are the perfect pollinators for yards and gardens because they are gentle, easy to raise, and fun to watch. Not to mention, they are efficient cross-pollinators that can double or even triple garden yields.

We help you communicate this information to your customers with our Grow More with Solitary Bees QR code sign displays. Choose from multiple designs, each with a QR code that, when scanned, teaches your customers why solitary bees are important, how they benefit yards and gardens, and gives a list of educational resources to help them raise these bees successfully.

Helping people learn how these bees will benefit their gardens and giving them access to free bee-raising support is sure to convert store visitors into loyal customers.

Click here, or scan the QR code on the example sign display below to view what your customers will see when they scan the QR code. 

 Click here to receive a free, laminated copy of the poster below in your next order. Or, click here to view our full library of sign displays and to download signs for print.  

Garden Super Pollinators


People new to solitary-bee raising may have questions about the purpose or how to use certain products. We know only some on your sales floor may have the answers to customers' various questions, so we've designed all our labels to feature a QR code that, when scanned, pulls up the product's instruction page — complete with pictures and videos.

Helping people understand the purpose of and how to use the various bee-raising products in front of them will surely increase sales of the nesting materials and accessories that complement the bee houses.

Crown Bees Product Label With QR Code Instructions