Website Issues and Email Security

 Why was my credit/debit card declined when I know for certain that I have the funds available?

Our system processes your credit card automatically. We are not given any reason for a decline. A credit card can decline due to an incorrectly entered credit card number or expiration date, a daily limit, insufficient credit or other reasons. Debit cards may have a daily limit; please ask your bank to increase your limit. Please verify that you've given us the correct credit card number and expiration date. If you've already done so, please contact your credit card company or bank for information.


How and why should I clear my internet browsers cache and cookies?

Clearing your computer's cache and cookies is necessary to clear your browser's memory. Cache is used to increase the speed of sites you visit often, while cookies help the site remember your favorite settings. Sometimes the cache or cookies in your browser become outdated, which may lead to problems with your shopping cart or in obtaining the site's most current information. If you would like more information on how to clear your browser's cache, please refer to your browser's "Help" file. Once you have cleared your cache and cookies, we recommend that you close your internet browser (be sure that all windows are closed). Re-start your internet browser and then visit If you continue to have problems after logging in, try restarting your computer or logging in from a different computer or internet browser. If the problems persist, please Contact Us or visit Live Chat to explain the nature of the problem that you are experiencing. If our customer service agents are busy with other customers and you do not receive an immediate chat response, your chat will be converted to a help desk ticket and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our agents are certainly not tech gurus and likely can't help solve computer woes, but they can help you place an order if you need.


How do I identify phishing or spoofed e-mails?
Crown Bees will never ask you for the following information in an e-mail communication:

  • Your social security number or tax identification number.
  • Your credit card number or credit card security code (including "updates" to any of the above).
  • Your mother's maiden name.
  • Your Crown Bees password.