Application for University Researcher Status

Crown Bees values the work of university research and support your efforts with a 15% discount on purchases and NET 30 terms. You may submit your orders to We will prepare a draft order for you to submit to your purchasing department. When we receive a purchase order, we will promptly process your order. Pricing on bulk cocoons does not fall under the 15% discount. Please let us know how many you need and we will work with you. End pricing depends largely on the time of year and how many cocoons we have available. 

With over 16 years in the solitary bee industry, we have a wealth of accumulated knowledge that we are happy to share with you. Just ask.

We place a high value on bee health and providing education to bee raisers that encourages safe, sustainable practices. Our products are research-based and our educational database, How to Raise Bees is continually updated with the most recent information. To that end, we would like to hear from you regarding any significant findings that could impact how we conduct our business for the benefit of the bees.

Please complete the form below to open your researcher account.